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From moon looking volcanoes to clear blue lagoons, this tropical French Island offers the traveller a unique concentrate of emotions.

It brings together the best the world has to offer. It is one of the very few destinations that allows you to experience the most wonderful adventures. In just a single journey you can discover a huge diversity of landscapes and cultures. Reunion gives you the possibility to tour the world in only a few days!

With 40% of its 2500 km2 territory classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Reunion Island offers an amazing mix of authentic cultures and wild nature.

As soon as you will arrive on the island, you will feel and see the extraordinary variety of cultures that coexist in perfect harmony. From Asian cuisine to creole markets, from Buddhist traditions to Tamil, Islamic or Christian rituals, Reunion is a melting pot of cultures.

In a very short space of time, you will be able to travel from a volcanic desert to a dreamlike lagoon at l’Ermitage, and then move on to the most incredible green tropical forest in the cirques located at the heart of the island.

In only a few days, you will have experienced a multitude of unique adventures and sensations, all in one single and exceptional environment: Reunion Island.


Air Austral, the French airline of the Indian Ocean, is the only airline to offer direct non-stop flights between Reunion and Johannesburg twice weekly on Sundays and Thursdays with seamless connections to and from many domestic and neighbouring airports.
Enjoy the comfort of all-leather seats in either Premium Economy or Economy class on board our new Boeing 737-800.

Not only has the recent lifting of the visa requirement for South African passport holders made it possible for South Africans to have a trouble-free stay in Reunion Island, but it has also made it easier for them to combine their stay with our other destinations:
Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, Comores, Seychelles, Paris, Chennai, Bangkok, and Perth (in code share with Air Mauritius).

Originally established in 1974, Air Austral, operates to French operational, safety and service standards with a fleet of 9 modern aircraft: 4 Boeing 777, 2 Boeing 737 and 3 ATR.

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In only a few days, you will have experienced a multitude of unique adventures and sensations, all in one single and exceptional environment: Reunion Island.


Choose your best suited accommodation In Reunion Island and enjoy the discovery of this magnificent island.

Hotels, Stopover and hiking gites, Guesthouses, Holiday rentals, Campsites

In Reunion Island, there is accommodation for every taste, every need and every type of budget. And it’s easy to find as well. Are you the demanding type who wants the very best standards of hospitality and comfort? Do you have a strong preference for the seaside or would you rather stay by the mountains? Are you searching for the simplest type of accommodation during that authentic holiday? Whatever you need, whatever you desire, there is the perfect accommodation for you in Reunion Island. We want nothing less for you during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Eating out

Reunion Island has a rich culinary tradition inspired by the many cultures represented on the Island. During your stay with us, treat yourself to a unique food experience at one of the restaurants we have selected for you.

Enjoy Reunionese Cuisine prepared by the locals themselves!

For the inspired and curious traveller that you are, there is nothing better than tasting the very special dishes of Reunionese Cuisine as made by those who can prepare them best: Reunion Islanders themselves! Don’t be shy! Just push the door of one of the many “guest tables” and family restaurants you’ll encounter on your itinerary. You will get a chance to taste the very best of Reunionese Cuisine, an authentic treat of fish dishes (marlin and swordfish either oven baked, steamed or grilled), tartare of tuna, fish carpaccios or sushis...

Savour Reunionese cuisine in a 4 star fine-dining restaurant

If you prefer the formal setting of a classy dining room, you may want to choose from the wide selection of restaurants available on the Island. Set your sight on a small and cosy establishment where the simplicity of the food prepared in the most traditional Reunionese way will excite your senses.

Alternatively, you may want to select a different type of quality restaurant located in town or at a hotel complex and labelled Restaurateur de France, Restaurant de Tourisme or Qualité Tourisme Réunion, and where a more modern and creative cuisine will be offered.

You will be likely to find on their menu the soft cake of crab and prawns with orange and pink grapefruit, the crusty raviole of oyster and mushrooms with lobster, the flamed trout with vanilla sauce, or the traditional coconut chicken...

What is the best way to move around Reunion Island?

On the public transport front, the Yellow Buses (Cars Jaunes) will take you to most municipalities of the island. One itinerary follows the coastline while another takes you to the highlands (Les Hauts). Once you have boarded the bus, the best way to get the driver to stop is simply to clap your hands.

Another way to enjoy your travel on the island is to use the local kombis, the collective taxis also known as “Z’éclairs”, and possibly the best way to meet locals and create wonderful relationships.

Alternatively, you can hire a car, which will give you the independence to move freely around the island and enjoy the driving on the curvy and steep mountain roads. There is no need for 4x4s, but you may sometimes encounter a dry flow of lava from the volcano on the Route Nationale 2.

If your preference is to be driven in a comfortable and air conditioned vehicle, you can pick from a large number of organised guided tours by bus around the island.

Hiking trails, diving in the ocean, sandy beaches
on Reunion Island, As many activities as you want

Once you have landed, there are many different transport possibilities available for you.

What can you do in Reunion Island? On land, in our rivers, in the ocean, up in the air… Come and discover all kinds of activities, attractions and leisure parks. While the Island has acquired fame status thanks to its multitude of hiking trails, it offers many other attractive activities that contribute to make Reunion Island a very special destination.. The beaches will provide you with real emotions as much as the lakes and rivers will delight you with all sorts of aquatic activities.

If you are interested in discovering the bottom of the ocean, you can go diving into the deep blue sea and admire the exceptional undersea world. A view from the air will leave you with unforgettable memories. Fly over the island on board a helicopter, a light aircraft or get tempted by a paragliding flight that will leave you speechless. There are so many ways to explore and enjoy the beauty of the island.


There is no doubt that Reunion Island is immensely rich with touristic attractions. During your stay on the island, make sure you don’t miss any opportunity to see and experience them. Cultural and artistic heritage, industrial and agricultural heritage, wildlife and natural heritage, there is something for each and everyone to see and enjoy.

For nature lovers, there is a multitude of places to visit

If you love the big outdoors and enjoy hiking in the wild, Reunion Island is the place for you. The Reunion National Park is home to the most amazing landscapes and spectacular views. The visitor never gets tired of watching such marvellous environment.

If you are a plant lover and enjoy the beauty of the green life, you shall not miss a visit to the Gardens of La Reunion. Start with the Botanical Gardens of Mascarin and follow with the Domaine du Grand Hazier. The Garden of Perfumes and Spices will enchant you and will guide you through a discovery of Reunion’s endemic species that form part of the unique flora of the Island.

A very popular family outing is the great Reunion Aquarium and its hundreds of different fish species typical of Reunion's underwater world..

Cultural visits on Reunion Island

Are you interested by cultural discovery ? Enjoy the visit of St Denis, the capital city, with the popular Rue de Paris and the equally famous Avenue de la Victoire...

You may continue towards the Villages Créoles in the Cirque of Salazie, through the itinerary of the Case Créoles and the Case Tonton de Hell-Bourg. Continue towards the Mare à Poule d’Eau in Salazie. You can end your tour at the Marine Cemetery in St Paul...

A visit to the sugar plant and rum distillery plant will help you to understand the cultural and industrial history of the island. There are also a few museums that will provide you with interesting cultural insights.

Some popular family destinations that are well worth a visit are the Roulof Vanilla Plantation as well as the guava picking property know locally as la Cueillette de Goyavier ...